First dry track day

Went to Llandow at the weekend with the SELOC crew and despite the forecast monsoon, Saturday was dry and sunny. Massively enjoyable day and I’m starting to come to terms with all the electrickery on the car though I’ve still not tried it in race mode. Dropping the tyre pressures made a big difference though I still didn’t go as low as some recommend - 31 psi hot was as low as I went.

It’s covered just over 4000 miles now and has really loosened up plus I’m slowly getting used to it too. Brakes are very good for stock and I’m not tempted at all to try different pads etc.

First upgrade will be the driver :laughing:

Sounds great Paul. My first ever trackday in my Exige was at Llandow where I first met IDG, AndyD and SteveE…in 2003 :open_mouth:

I reckon airfield days like Andy Walsh runs are a great way of getting to grips with the car if you ever get the opportunity.

Well, done Paul. Good to hear from you.

Sounds fantastic, glad you enjoyed it.

Sounds great day Paul,

Looking forward to Hethel on 19th Sept after my Spa saga.