First Drive impressions

Well the car is all back together now and took it for a quick spin this afternoon, first impressions are just WOW !!! Can’t wait until it gets mapped properly [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

Phil, does the oval one also get black only on one side or did that only happen with the twin pipe…still waiting for the poxy oval one…getting a bit frustrated with that burbling noise… [image][/image]

hmmmm, nothing is black yet, guess i’m not running rich enough !! the oval one is extremly loud with the cat rep pipe, might have to put the cat back on and lose a couple of BHP or fit a silenced cat pipe.

your are telling me…the twin pipe is also very loud and I’m running it with a sports cat. so, I’m afraid, it won’t silence much…I have been thinking of an alternative…the race line one is more quiet but you will loose some power due to smaller diam.cheers,Bruno

well, took it into work this morning, the exhaust still stinks whilst it is getting burnt off (its nasty [image][/image] ), the oval tail pipe is now begining to go black, but what did frighten me was when the catch tank started venting and all i could see was this “smoke” in the engine compartment !! May have to add another pipe from the tank and drop it down to vent out under the car.

Phil, I know how you feel, I had this after a very wet night when the car was standing outside somwhere in Kent. in the morning, when I started the engine, the bay soon filled up with condensation steam…not the same reason as yours but it did look really funny… [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]haven’t got the catch tank by the way…regarding the oval tail pipe…does it get black just on one side or does it cover the compl. pipe? check you oil cosumption…at the moment, I need about 1 liter per 1000 kmwhich is quite a lot…

The pipe is getting a black covering all over, oil is ok at the moment but i will keep an eye on it…Cheers