First 1900 on BP285H cams

The first Scholar bottom ended 1900cc K series engine to sport BP285H cams hit the rollers at Emerald today. It made 227BHP at 8000RPM (power still climbing) and 167lb/ft. I’m pleased to say it was one of mine.

The injectors were at near maximum capacity and DW commented that some larger injectors and a few more RPM would easily break 230BHP.

The specification was, fully ported VVC head on standard valves, Piper BP285H cams, Emerald ECU, Jenvey DTHTBs, Bernard Scouse airbox with 90mm trumpets and stock 4-2-1 Caterham exhaust.

The power has been acheived at a tolerably low RPM and the torque curve is to die for.

A leakdown test performed by me after an hours running on new bores revealed minimal leakage. Another creditable result on a Scholar block which must indicate that they are not as bad as they have been painted by some. My ‘poor’ porting work seems to have worked reasonably well on this one too. As ever the results say more than the rhetoric.


Nice Dave can I get one for my tractor engine?


Good job there Dave

Some of us don’t need any more proof as we know you “know what you’re doing” in this area, but I understand why you’re doing this.

Any guesses at what I can expect from my standard 190 VHPD at the rolling road on Saturday? Couldn’t find details of what you can do with the VHPD on your website (probably me just not looking hard enough). I would be happy with 190 but I suspect much lower. Could 200ish be achieved relatively cheaply? (apologies for thread hijack)

Depends on how good or poor the head is as machined, good ones can get near 200, bad ones as low as 177. Some light work on the head and retiming of cams can get you over the 200BHP quite easily, couple this with an Emerald ECU and careful mapping and the engine will be transformed. I have done a large number of conversions on VHPDs from 220BHP to 245. Cam changes and big valve conversions with appropriate manifolding and induction can produce pretty good results.


Hi Dave

Very Interested in this.

Sorry for being such a ninkcompoop do you do work for paying customers? If so do you have a website or contact details?

Many Thanks


Err … yes I do work for paying customers. but I am nervous that this thread appears to be turning into an advertising feature which was not my intention. It was merely meant to illustrate that some of the assertions about Scholar blocks might not be 100% accurate. My website is at , the above conversions was ‘bespoke’ but to a proven recipe developed over the last 5 years or so.