finaly broke exige - thinks it gearbox

yep as of tonight the cars off the road dont know whats wrong thinks it gear linkage, sounds a bit daft but i carnt select a gear its in 4th all the time… which was fun getting it home
taking it to the garage first thing see what they say hopefully itll be a warranty matter

Yeh sounds like the gear linkage has broken. How are you going to get it to the garage, surely they will have to come and pick it up?
Good luck getting it sorted


Sounds like the linkage at the gearbox end has popped off - happened to us a few times.

i rang my local garage they told me to ring the AA which i did and spoke to debie who sorted a flat bed out to pick my car up and drop it off at lotus.
i never knew that i had AA lotus membership for 2 years!
anyway i havnt got the car back yet but ill fined out on wednesday whats wrong…

yep just a simple little clip … thank god
took no time at all, first instance my garage has come across mind you