Finally done it!

After six months of thinking about it, and some gentle persuasion by Lisa at Dream Machines in Heathfield, yesterday I handed over my deposit for a new Exige. Can’t wait!!!

I was initially looking for black paintwork, black wheels and aircon, however it was looking like quite a wait, and there was a car already coming through the system (apparently ready in a couple of weeks) that is the spec I’m looking for, but also with the performance pack. So, being the impatient so and so that I am, I said I’d take that car.

However, what does the performance pack add to the car? My understanding is that it gives me a different interior, the dual oil coolers, four point harnesses, capped door panels and a cross bar.

Please could someone let me know what the “capped door panels” are, and where I can find a photo of an Exige with the cross bar fitted (I’m thinking that it could be something that would really get in the way during regular road use). Also, is there a reason why the four-point harnesses can’t be used on the road?

I’m also guessing that the only way that you get a wireless in an Exige is to go for the Touring Pack - which isn’t something that I want to add.

Sorry for the questions, I just want to make sure that I’m going for the correct options on the car before I sign on the dotted line.



Welcome and well done!

No idea on the S2 accessory names. Maybe they’re refering to a rollcage? The harnesses are only a problem seeing out on junctions, other than that they’re ok.

Why not getting the dealer to explain with pictures what you’re getting?
But definitely the Performance pack is the way to go.

Now, what is a wireless?

wireless = radio (i think)

Hi Craig.

Good choice.

I have the Performance Pack on my car and its great. You get:

Sports seats with the Exige logo (look fantastic and nice and comfy & supportive

Twin oil coolers

Carbon effect door inserts

Acrylic door caps (must admit I still dont know what these are as I havent compared mine to a standard one but the interior all looks good anyway)

There are some pics of mine on here. Follow the link to Pistonheads.

Did you go for black?


wireless = radio (i think)

Sorry - bad Northern habit! Yes, a wireless is a radio (well, actually, come to think about it, I couldn’t give two hoots about a radio, I’m more bothered about a CD player!) Looking at the standard Exige spec I think that there is some kind of wireless (radio!) fitted - does anyone know if it’s a CD player, or even if you car hear it above the engine?

Thanks for the comments, and also for the link to the photos, which show an awesome looking car.

I did go for black - with black wheels.

The reason I was concerned about the “cross bar” is that there is an Elise in the car park in my building which has what looks like an after-market half roll cage in it with a strut that runs diagonally from the top of the B pillar on the drivers side to the bottom of the footwell on the passenger side, and I was thinking that the Exige roll bar may be something similar.

I will be spending some time on the 'phone to Dream Machines tomorrow, but wanted to try and get a bit of a heads up before I spoke to them.

Here’s to having as much fun with the Exige as I have had with my old 964 and 944s.


I suspect the cross bar is what the harnesses are attached to, behind the seats.


I agree with IDG… I rckon the cross-bar is the bar behind the seats to fix the harness onto - also it’ll be raod legal with the harness, Lotus couldn’t send you one if it wasnae…

You get a harness bar behind the seats, and on the later built models with the performance pack a strut between the rear suspension.

…and on the later built models with the performance pack a strut between the rear suspension.