Final verdict on alternators?

Hi folks! The alternator has packed up on the little orange monster (hence no Oulton) but I�ve had lots of different suggestions about what to do to fix it, such as Brise, heat shields, pulleys etc. Russ said he thought there was now a standard fix but couldn�t remember all the details, and having searched the board I didn�t spot anything �definitive�. FWIW I think mine�s actually OK apart from a blown regulator.

Is there now an agreed standard alternator fix someone could point me at?

TIA. See you Friday!

Perhaps tomorrow night will give you more info but from memory the cheapest/easiest effort was from Pesky - fit a reconditioned one!


Thanks Ian, see you later.

From memory, Eliseparts do a smaller one, which runs slower + cooler.

From Geary’s site:

Lightweight Alternator
This top quality alternator has been designed to give 5 benefits over the standard item.
1/. It is � the weight
2/. It spins at a more tolerable 20,000 rpm instead of the standard 30,000 rpm (a big cause of overheating)
3/. Being smaller it is further away from the hot exhaust manifold which also �cooks� the standard alternators
4/. It is easier to remove and changing the alternator belt will take just minutes instead of (sometimes hours) as you can easily change it without removing the undertray.
5/. It has a specially designed front pulley that allows air to flow to the armature windings whereas the OE pulley and belt block this important area.


Has anybody tried this alternative alternator? (I like the sound if that )
It sounds like a good idea but being smaller, the charge rate is lower. I’m not sure whether it’s going to keep the battery topped up if you do a lot of shortish journeys.

I think you can get these alternators rated at 75 amps the same as the standard one but they do cost more.

Thanks David, I think that’s the first civil post I’ve ever had from you! I really must get the car fixed though, it was agony being at the Oulton bash with no Exige!