Final ratio

Hi,i’m looking for a 3.9 final drive (output shaft + diff pignon) for elise/exige/mgf gearbox.e-mail meNicolas

Wot’s the standard ratio in the exige and which do they fit with the ultra close. Brothers (X111 FLY) has the ultra close and is about to try and change back to the standard final drive but keep the ultra close gears as it just runs out of revs on the Nurburgring track. If the ratio is rite for you he may be open to offers. I’ll speak to him but can’t promise anything. You don’t rebuild boxes by any chance?? sure a deal could be done!!

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Hi Nicolas!Original Lotus is 4,20:1. We, at LEST (Lotus Elise Swiss Trophy) use 5,07:1. So you can reach 8000 RPM in 5th. 160 Km/h (100 mph) is about 6000 rpm � so quit loud at highway, but a lot of grin over the mountains�See => Lotus => Tuning. Sorry, it�s in german, but the chaps talk English quit good!CheersThomas

Hi Guys,on my exige i’ve an ultra close gearbox with4.2 final. That means 215 km/h in fifth gear. I’m thinking to change the final to a 3.9 (as lotus fits on the UCR box) and fit a longer first gear.

Thomas,fitting a 5.07 final with standard gearbox is not a nice solution because u will have the same spacing between gear. That’s the week point of the standard gearbox.For example with my gb, if u change at 8000 from 2nd to 3rd gear, u will be over 6500 after the gear change. This keeps the engine in the power band.With original box u will be at 5850…the gear change between 1st and 2nd is even worse. (under 4800)With the kumschik solution u will have shorter gears ok…but the spacing will still be sh…y, and the first gear will be faaaar toooo short.If u want i have a sheet that shows gear spacing of different gearboxes for our cars.ciaoNicolas

NicholasI see, what you mean. I�m not sure about the facts you describe � I just belive it. But I can say: try a car with the standard gearbox and the 5.07! Me be you will not like it. But believe it or not: I love it! I can use all the five gears (even on the track) and I always have some power � I never have enough of course, but this is an other story.CheersThomas

Thomas,sure is better than the standard one and sure it feels and is faster than standard.But i don’t like gear spacing of the standard gb.Once if u come near lugano we can compare our cars. It would be very nice.ciaoNicolas

Nice idea! We should do that � preferably with some higher temps (would recommend > 10 deg). Even better would be, if meet us at a track, lets say L�Anneau du Rhin or Mugello. I will send you a Mail as soon as I have the first dates!Nice weekend to all!Thomas

still looking for a 3.9 final…

Quaife list a 3.923 FD for the 5 speed synchro box, �470+vatOr you could go for 6 speed sequential dog box, a bargain at 10 grand all in [image][/image]

i already have the UCR box…the sequential box is to expensive…ciao

�470 is for the 3.94 final drive that you are asking about. I was just joking about the sequential box [image][/image]

i do not want to buy one from quaife as it is straight cut. I already have all the gears that r straight cut. I tryed an exigewith a straight cut final…that’s far too noisy.I’m looking for a 3.9 from a elise 111 or MGF.Ciao