Final delivery date

Well folks I have a date (FINALY) to pick up my S2 Exige. Sept 14th should be with the dealer around the 8th, I’m away then, and ready for the 14th after the harness fitting. Soooo looking forward to it and can’t wait to try a track day or three and meet a few more Exiger’s.


Just in case you’ve forgotten, Russ & myself are quite happy to collect your car whilst you’re away. We promise it’ll be nicely run in for when you return.

PS We’re offering this service for only the price of a couple of Stellas, cos you’re a mate & all that

Thanks for the kind offer Unfortunately the car’s ‘skint’ me and it will be a while before I’ll be able to afford to buy any Stella to drink myself never mind to pay for the services of a couple of test pilots!! I’m digging the home brew kit out the loft so at least I can enjoy Christmas.