Fiat 500 Abarth Wanted!

Ok, so now im back at work earning money after my ‘sacking’, see ‘FAO: Bertone’ thread, im after a Fiat 500 Abarth or even a Replica, so if anyone know where theres one for sale, details would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

This would probably give your Dodgem a run for it’s money, and most likely see the C5 off too!

Noddy Car?

I do like the fiat 500 but that looks rediculous

Our Administrator is selling her black (or to perhaps be more politically correct, emits light in the spectrum of around 400 nanometers) Fiat Cinquecento Sporting

(Library pic)

Only a few hundred quid, comes with genuine Fiat reliability.


Its the 1971 Fiat 500 Abarth im after, having said that, these ‘cheekyc@ntos’ are good value for money!

Contact Middle Barton Garage, they are the UK experts

Giannini are the ‘other’ Italian Abarth, here is a great one. Pricey though

FYI if you dont mind LHD, in Hungary you can get 100% restored 500’s for 1,300 quid. In show condition, and you could bolt on any Abarth bits of your choosing…

Or alternatively…


Very good washing machines Bosch!

Mmmm Series-one, do you have any details where in hungary I can buy a 500, Wifie would like one,

Mmmm Series-one, do you have any info where in Hungary I could buy a 500, Wifie would like one

the red on for 500,000 is 1.3k pounds

or same price

FIAT 500
479 000 Ft, 1972. 2. 120.000 km
1000 ccm, 18 Le, benzines, b�zs, 2 ajt�s,

PS. back to exiges now…

Hey looks the part, my Hungarian isn’t up to much though.
Do you sell them ???
You can e-mail me [email protected]

No. I live in HU and have been considering one myself recently. We all seem to be stereo-typable, lol.

Most Hungarians speak english, and if you really are serious I could check out a car if its within resonable distance.

Just been offered an ‘original’ Abarth, well not quite…its a Radbourne Racing 500, they were the Abarth UK agents and modded a standard 500 with Abarth components…but the owner has no paperwork to substantiate this yet wants Abarth prices, mmmm let me see!

Bit like getting your Lotus dealer to fit a spoiler to your Elise and then call it an Exige!

Bit like getting your Lotus dealer to fit a spoiler to your Elise and then call it an Exige!

Here…stopping having a pop at the poor S2 owners

Found one for you. Available soon: