ffd’s S2 Exige S

Hi all ,
just collected my pre loved 2011 Exige S

Amazing performance.

Here’s a pic with my little 4 year old sitting on the fiberglass.


Looking good !

Any mods ? Standard car ?

Is it your first Lotus?

Had an S3 Elise CR before. Sold it when kid came along. Been wanting another one since.

Car now has an uprated radiator, nitrons and the inokinetic shifter. All necessary mods I think. Everything else is standard including the alpine HU

Lovely looking car. Was this for sale publicly? I don’t recall seeing it is all.

I’ve a white 2008 Exige S which is gorgeous but certainly do prefer the 2010 onwards updated front splitter :thumbup:

Thanks. Am from Singapore actually. Pretty far from UK.

Great to hear from you and to see pics of your car. Keep in touch. Lots of fun to be had on here.

Lovely car!