Few spares. No idea of “value”


I have a 2004 s2 steering wheel. Decent condition

Also a complete 2zz airbox with TRD replacement.

I have zero idea of what they are worth. Couldn’t seem to find any on eBay to compare. Suggestions for price are welcome.

One here if it helps


Certainly does! Thanks!

Might have to dust mine off if that’s the going rate :mrgreen:


Let’s not flood the market !

If anyone has any offers for these parts I am all ears.

I sold a steering wheel like that a couple of months ago for £70. Clearly under priced :lolno:

I would be interested in the TRD airbox. One was up for sale on FB market place in cypress, but he changed his mind:

What would you like to have for yours + postage to Vienna?

Sorry my friend TRD has literally just sold :frowning:

Thanks for letting me know.