Ferret for sale - 420R

I’ve had a fantastic three seasons following those delinquent ex/current Exigers, the Ferrets, around some great tracks in an inefficient sideways style :smiley: . Current situation aside I’m not getting many opportunities to come out and play, too busy with the new job. Hence I’m putting the Caterham up for sale. I thought I’d share it on here as it’s a great evolutionary step for Exige owners :laughing:

420R race car

Trackday use only, never raced

Full double D roll cage

Dry-sumped 2.0 Duratec

Sadev sequential transmission, newly installed in 2017, just refreshed (zero miles)

STACK dash just serviced by STACK (new battery)

All brake callipers overhauled with new pistons and seals

New rear discs and pads

2 pot uprated race rear brake callipers

New brake bias valve

All wheel bearings replaced with latest uprated version one event ago

New drive shaft

New differential CWP, refreshed LSD

6 point harness and steering wheel new in 2017

Half door and tonneau fitted

Recent flat floor geometry setup

Fitted with lightweight Apollo wheels and ZZR tyres

Spare set of Apollo wheels with ZZS wet tyres

Car is fully serviced with many new parts and ready to go, requires fire extinguisher to race

Professionally maintained and garaged from new by Caterham specialists, currently run by TfL Racing who provide an excellent service for several Exige owners on this forum.

26,000 GBP

Very nice Wes, and a great price too. Wrong time for me unfortunately.

Are you going to track the green machine? :mrgreen:

Yes, will do eventually. But to preserve the warranty the inspections before and after is a pain, so no immediate plans.
The intention is to do a few road trips instead.

I’m all over that Will. I had Le Mans booked with PH this year with my son (postponed but September now hopefully). That loooooog road “oop norf” you may very well know and I fancy a tour of Bavaria Germany with Stuttgart thrown in. I especially would love that trip back to Germany, great country and wonderfully people. I took too much for granted living there as a young soldier. I need to put that right.

Good luck Wes, understandable. Very proud of what you are achieving with McLaren. Making us proud :sunglasses:

Now my family have left Germany for New York, I yearn for an excuse to go back. Nyloc tours and our regular trips to Nuremburg (DTM races) have given me a love of the country, the beer and the food.


I may be interested when things open up again. I want to see if a lot more power and a sequential box will convince my son he does fit a Caterham. Maybe Phill can take it to a track and I can wedge him in it!

Btw, I’m at the AMRC near you regularly, I work at the University. I did a digital manufacturing project with the the AMRC. I can bore you about it.


Keith can I slap your son :smiley: in a get a grip kind way :laughing:

He’s 6ft 4inches, risk it if you like. Actually he would not hurt anyone, he’s just complex. As you know, he was talent spotted driving a rally car when he was 11 (first time he had driven) and a team owner at the airport offered him a drive in a 911, he turned it down … argh.

What a fantastic colour.

Hi Keith,

Would be good to catch up when some level of normality returns. I run a regular Tillet type seat, I reckon a bag seat like Ben runs might give even more headroom.