fcuk and double fcuk

some barsteward did this to my s2:




(its the same scrape)

its gone through the armourfend and taken then top layer of paint off

no details were left, not sure if they knew they did it, looks like someone driving a little too close in the car park… CCTV doesnt cover the space

question is… do i repair or not?

i am going to swap in december probably to a 2006 model exige…

how much will it cost to repair, roughly? armourfend for entire front clam will have to be replaced at the same time… i think the actual painting bit/blending is relatively easy

will i be penalised significantly on my trade in value come december?

all feedback appreciated!

Bad luck, you could just get the paint repaired before you sell it and not bother with the armorfend

ignoring the obvious, but slightly purile comments about your park assist needing recalibration, I would be tempted to leave it. The clam is probably going to get stonechipped in the following 12 months and require a respray before being off loaded by the dealer (if that’s the route you have choosen). They will be able to respray at cost and only deduct that from your trade in value. So you should get a better return on your money.

Its a bugger

Probably parking incident as you say

I’d leave it till you are ready to sell and then see what the dealer offers versus the cost of you fixing it yourself. Probably too dear to factor in replacing the armourfend tho, so maybe have to leave that off at the repair stage ?

Thats a real shame, & a bugger when no body owns up

I cant tell the depth of the damage on the pics, but if its down to the fibres then it mat get progressively worse as moisture/frost etc may cause the fibreglass to delaminate.

See if you can get an independent inspection done to know for sure whether to leave it or not.

Good luck.


Don’t worry about the fibreglass delamination, it only happens over a long time, years.
Besides, it didn’t get there, it only got through the paint and down to the gelcoat.

If I was you and seeing that you might trade it later I would just put a dab of paint stick (Halfrauds can do your same colour) and rub the rest with T-Cut (so the remaints of the rubbed Armourfend come off.
Then put some (Halfrauds again) transparent coat plastic on top so it doesn’t come off.

That way you’ll be able to see it only up close and it will be protected again.

thanks for the feedback guys, i think i’ll take Uldis’s advice

wayne @ sinclaires had a looky today - thinks about �250 for painting, �200 for armourfend (altho they use an equivalent and not actual armourfend). tbh i cant be bothered! thats a lot of $$$ for repair to a car that i will be swapping in december and that will no doubt get scratched again before then!

thought it was nice that sinclaires remembered me - been ages since i went (with my s1 elise) - they’ve got a really nice setup there now what with the new reception etc

saw a rather spunky s1 exige in orange…

went to halfords, obviously they dont have my paint code in touchup stick form, being the useless mainstream only bastards that they are… magnetic blue, code b100… will B&C have one?

saw a rather spunky s1 exige in orange…

MarkA’s, I presume!


get a touch-in pencil from your Lotus dealer

had a go… far from perfect but it’ll do i guess


That’s ok for the moment.

Now go out and drive the thing until there’s so many chips that there’s no more paint left!