Favourite Youtube channels

Anyone have any interesting YouTube channels they enjoy and would like to share?

I like https://www.youtube.com/@driftworks

An example video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=az-MooB_H-k

Have been following Tavarish with his P1…https://youtu.be/Rdm9o7j68yw?si=qkjSYOptU360MGaJ

Johnny Smith on The Late Brake Show, especially his barn finds.

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I’ve been enjoying soup classic restoration of his Esprit. The stop go animation is very satisfying too!

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I watch far too many YouTube car channels, but my favourite must be David Cironi.

His brilliant barn find build vids - ‘Dal pollaio alla pista’ (from the chicken coop to the racetrack) - are so detailed and his love for cars really shines through.

His Exige S1 video is mega. So cool to see how much the experience of driving the thing blew him away:


For build stuff I watch the following:
Bad Obsession Motorsport (when they actually release videos)
Mad Mike Whiddett
Jimmy Oakes
Dirt Lifestyle
Tavarish - specifically the P1, not really bothered by the other stuff

For general assortment:
Auto Alex
Top Dead Center
All The Gear
Late brake show - Jonny Smith
Ben Colins
Jimmy Broadbent
Drift Games
4WD 24-7

Ill check some of those out @DarrylH. I am familiar with a few but not all of those!

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