I’m thinking of trying some SBS Carbon/Ceramic “Pro Track” pads. Are these the ones you recommend?


Hello Mr Pesky

I’m not Mark A but I am scottish and maybe on a dark, dark night I could be mistaken for him.

We had these on the Elise and recently put them on the Exige. Very, very good.

Read this post on MLOC for more details.

Cheers Fiona

I can assure you that I would NEVER, EVER mistake you for “Big McAnderson”… & live to tell the tale

Why you looking to change from RS14’s Pesk??


I’ve never actually had RS14s on my car, although have driven quite a few with them fitted. I have no doubt whatsoever, that the RS14s have been the ultimate until recently, but I have previously always been in the right place at the right time to get a good deal on Mintex 1166s (which I have found to be very good), so have been reluctant to pay the RS14 price!

I have been doing some searching about etc., & the SBS jobbies have had nothing but high praise eg MarkA (whose opinion I respect). Accordingly, I think I’ll give 'em a go, & save myself a few quid into the bargain.

Cool I have always liked 1166’s I ran those for a time on my Escort. You should also try the performance friction pads. I use those on my Exige now. They give the best performance in my opinion. However they are hard on disks and they make RS14’s look cheap. lol

SBS pro-track are as good as the pagids in my experience and at �147 delivered for a full set, a bit cheaper too.

SBS are just the job


Thanks for your comments.

Have you both used both the RS14s & the SBS on track in the Exige, so that you have actual experience of each type of pad to make the comparison? Sorry if this appears to be a “blunt” question, it’s not intended to be.

I believe that MarkA has used both, hence the reason for me originally addressing the question to him, plus with him barrelling into corners, the brakes will have a fair amount of retardation to deal with

I used RS14 on track in my 160ish Elise. I’ve never used RS14’s on my Exige, only SBS but I’ve been very happy with them on the 3 trackdays I’ve used the Exige on; Rockingham, Bedford & Spa.


I think Brendan had RS14s on the car when I bought it.
They did stop quite well but didn’t have much initial bite.

The SBS’s now on seem to be much better on initial bite with the same stopping power later.

Can’t comment about how long the SBSs last yet, but I went through half the front RS14 pads on one track day.

Once again, thanks for the helpful, & speedy comments


Been away for a couple of days for work, just happened to stay at the Holiday Inn at Magny Cours last night .

Looks like you’ve got the answers you need, although you are still in trouble the next time I see you.

Looks like you’ve got the answers you need, although you are still in trouble the next time I see you.

Ya big daft Jock, I was being complimentary

Any more comments on longevity or squealing?


Any more comments on longevity or squealing?

I’m old, & I squeal occasionally

Did anyone else have a nasty flashback to the film Deliverance?

squeal piggy, squeal.

Hmmm, I hadn’t thought of that interpretation, you barstewards