FAO Andy K

Well have you got it?

Come on man give us all the details!

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Bloody hell I’ve managed to upload a picture.

Anyway, picked it up yesterday, it was sunny until I hit the M32 when and monsoon hit…Absolutely love it. Can’t believe the quality of the car compaired to the 135R.
Took it up to see Steve today and I think he’s hooked, even after only using 4500rpm. Running it in will be a pain but I can not keep out of it at the moment.

Only issue is a chip on the rear wheel around the edge of the rim…only thing is didn’t see it until I got home. Williams have put a warrenty claim in for it…I now I didn’t do it as the tyre is unmarked and I came straight home.

Only issue is a chip on the rear wheel around the edge of the rim…

Aah, I can vaguely those days when I would get upset about that kind of thing…

Anyway, really glad you’re pleased - nice colour

Nothing beats that new car feeling!

nice colour

Aye, I agree!

Nothing beats that new car feeling!

Apart from that new car smell

Car looKS great Andy. Looking forward to seeing it in the plastic.

Cheers Dave,

I like the new car smell…

Don’t know when we will be meeting up next…probably the Ferrari run on 20th Nov if you’re going.

Yes I am mate. I’m taking the Exige and my old man is going in the 456

Bought an old Rover 600 yesterday to use as a winter / shopping car so could take that for a laugh

I hope it wasn’t the turbo model. I had that engine on a 220 Coupe, best motorway cruiser I ever drove. Engine just blew up a lot though!


Dave, did you miss the Rover engine from your Elise that much
Trying to get my brother-in-law to come, as well, with his 575 Marenello. You have you got the guys email address who is organising the run as I need to let him know I going by end of play today. Send me a pm if you have Dave, Cheers.


Sorry mate. Only just seen your post.

Leighton’s email is [email protected] or you can let Rob know and ask him to confirm

The Rover is the Honda engined model so no nasty K series. I am picking it up on Saturday morning so will put up a snap so you can all be wowed by a fine example of of the ultimate automobile for British middle management

Thinking of getting a tartan rug, tissue box in a hand knitted cover and a Caravan Club sticker to really finish it off.

Cheers Dave…can’t wait to see the Rover, you must take it up to Breacon and take some arty pictures like you did with the Exige. I know that when I see it I’ll wish I had one…