Fantastic Result

Well done Scuffers, Randy & Nick

15th Overall & 2nd in Cup Class - incredible

Big, big respect to the three of you (& your backup team). Most teams had 4 drivers, so you’ve done yourselves proud

Well Done Chaps, I managed to get to Silverstone last night and they looked like they were doing well, glad they had no major incidents

Ditto - well done chaps. Outstanding performance.

Well done lads. Been following it online. huge achievement!!!


Well Done! Brilliant effort.

Absolute mega result well done Team Scandal

Good to action speaking loud …

Thanks for the kind words guys. As you can imagine I’m completely shattered and have to go and collect various things from Silverstone shortly so will post up a report later.

We are over the moon about the result though and so much of it is down to the team who were absolutely magic. Thanks guys .

Fair play matey, can’t wait to hear all about it!!!


Well done Guys, a great result I was alas at a trade show in Amsterdam so could not be there to support you. Tap was there and put in a stirling effort to bring you his usual standard of photographic coverage. He really has done a great job and you can find his huge gallery of nearly 400 shots here.

I was a [color:“red”]lass[/color] at a trade show in Amsterdam

Nowhere better, so AndyD reckons

Fabulous photos by Tap

I was a [color:“red”]lass[/color] at a trade show in Amsterdam

Nowhere better, so AndyD reckons

Fabulous photos by Tap


Fantastic photos…

What was going on at the front of this Exige?


Might be eaiser to see here


A makeshift repair, I reckon, judging by the other pics of the car.


Are you coming to Oulton next Tuesday - would be good to meet up, even if you’re not driving on track?


pencilled it in my diary so might make it along - gots lots of spare time now as I was made redundant last week and need to put off all the DIY jobs the missus is making for me!

Suprisingly the car turned up to the track with that air dam fitted. Im guessing they have knocked off a few splitters and wanted somethin a bit more robust for the 24. Not exactly pretty though.

Here’s another that they made earlier


Finally… a good looking S2 Coupe !!

PS. Well done to the lads.

a bit belated but i’ve been busy… so well done lads excellent result