Fantastic prices for Mk1 Windscreens - also heated

Hi All, if you are after replacement windscreen or a heated one for racing contact Euroglass in Bromsgrove, they sell heated Mk1 windscreens for �211 +vat and unheated for 136 + vat. I have just purchased heated one, brilliant product and bonus is that it has tinted top. They specialise in exotic and hard to find windscreens, they can even make custom one offs. Also said they would do group discount for batch of heated screens. ideal if you want to get rid of all the heater stuff in a race car.

Contact number is 01527 577477

Nice one - thanks for the info

What sort of wiring changes are needed to accommodate a heated front screen ?

All you need to do is wire ina simple relay, i.e. a low powered switch circuit to energise the higher current used by the screen. Just purchased mine and very happy with quality.

that sounds very much like the company i found and i think seanb had one of there screens, it might be a different company though as they were selling s1 screens for �80 “cash”.

80 cash you say

80 cash you say

Buyer collects

Just collected 2 screens for the Elise on a Sunday, great service even if they are only ment to be open Mon- Friday,

they make the screens themselfs hence the great price although can’t do them for S2’s because of the Ali finisher/wire around the screen would cost �40,000 to tool up for, can also do many other screens for older vehicle

Another recomendation for Martin / Stuart @ Euroglass Bromsgrove 01527 577 477

i might be needing these people then! are they still giong or any more offers

Did Lotus offer a heated screen as an option? I’m wondering if there’s a factory button to replace the blank next to the other four buttons the the dash?

No but its easily done :slight_smile: