Fantastic Pics

Pictures of Marc Charlton’s car dicing with a Ferrari 360 in the British GT race at Oulton Park on 13th July 2003.

These piccies were taken by’s old mate Chris Regan

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nice paint job…

Wow I hadn’t seen those pictures before. Lol that little over taking attempt I made with the 360 ruined the race for us, some people just don’t know when to give up and let people though .It wiped out two very expensive rims and bent the suspension, and on top of that the ISL Marcos clattered me up the rear a corner on. But hey thats motor racing was a shame because we were on for another 3rd/4th. But 6th wasn’t too bad. Thanks very much for taken the time to visit us at Oulton and we’ll be back at Brands for the Final race on the 28th of sept. In the meantime we’re busy working on some stuff to try and to get one up on the all conqering GT3 Cup cars.


A friend brought round a tape of the television coverage and I was amazed to see how competitive the cars were.

Would you mind telling us a bit about your spec, especially engine, suspension, wheels, and brakes ??

We’re doing ok… the car is not as competitive as we’d like it yet. We’re midfield, racing with the 360, Golf and slower Morgan but we need to beat the Tech 9 996 GT3 and that�s a very tall order. We have a bunch of stuff in the pipeline that should give us the edge we need.
The car was one of the last MS Evo 2 cars to be built, since then we’ve obviously put a Jap spec K20A Honda engine in the car, with fixed cams it’s not far off BTCC spec engine. This was all made possible by Prototype racings fantastic conversion kit and we’ve worked alongside Joe to provide a race spec ECU to obtain the best out of the engine within the rules. A lot of the rear of the car has had to be updated in order to deal with the extra power and so far (touch wood) we’ve had bullet proof reliability and fantastic power. the engine is light years better than the old rover that we had tweaked to the max.
We have made small but significant aerodynamic modifications at the front and have done a lot of testing to tweak the suspension but haven�t modified it fundamentally a great deal. And that�s about it so far, but for next year there is a raft of major modifications that should hopefully put us right up there.

Patrick Charlton

Looks like the 360 did not give you any room on track out… Did they get penalized for it?

Nice pics!