FantaHexige S1 K20 DC5 JRSC Matt Orange

My FantaHexigeS1 K20 DC5 JRSC MattOrange :wink:

Very cool :sunglasses:

Where do you live, Fantaman?

Many thanks !
I live in central Italy :slight_smile:

Very nice.

I live in central Italy :slight_smile:[/quote]

Doubly cool then :sunglasses:


Looking very nice … I hope its all working well now ?

Yes Andy, thanks :slight_smile:
I wanted to convert everything in my garage at home and this was not easy…
But now, everything works fine and I am very very happy!
If I can find a pair AP 4 pot caliper or even a good alternative, in May I hope to get back on track :slight_smile:))

looking good!

nice details

Looking very Orange :sunglasses:

For some other orange detail :wink:

Looks the muts :smiley:

love it…

you just need an orange sticker to finish it off nicely…

its got a fit looking arse end…

Is that the fuel tank behind the engine at the back of the car?

Car looks great, orange is a great colour for a S1…even when taken to these lengths!

Ian :slight_smile:

Even the driveshafts and suspension arms are orange!
Too much for me!

I might be mistaken, but looking at the expansion tank it appears you’re using fanta as a coolant :smiley:

Hahahahahaha no no :slight_smile:))

Upgrade brakes (orange…):