Fancy a laugh at my expense?

too much power… cold tyres… not enough talent


Was that the Britsports race?

I heard you got close to the barriers, not what you want to be doing in the Nissan it would make an Exige repair bill look cheap.

Top work there fella.


You must have been relieved when you realised you were going to get away with it!


…such things merely give the rest of us hope! Well done!

Glad you all enjoyed it… I didn’t at the time!

Although the turbos come in with a massive shove the chassis soaks it up very well when the tyres are warm but with the track at minus something that wasn’t going to happen. Trouble is, when it does let go the turbos are still spinning and there is naff all lock to collect the impending slide. If it wasn’t so hairy it wouldn’t be so fun though .

Mark - yes, that was the Britsports race and no you don’t want to bend it although we do have loads of spares and bodywork moulds etc. So far the only damage I have done to it is the occasional smashed headlight cover (bad habit I picked up from Tuscans!), lets hope it stays that way.


Was there not oil on the track(looks like there’s a line of cement on the racing line, or is it frost?)?

That would be frost

Nope, wouldn’t laugh at you about that one Randy. You must have 'taters the size of grapefruits to even be there in the first place.

Nah - thats just a complete lack of brain cells

Can’t wait to see this car go in the flesh!!!

I guess if you don’t spin every now and then , you aint trying hard enough. lol. Rather you than me though, in that beast!!