Fan Resistor Replacement

So, the decision has been made, I am going to embark on a voyage of despair, desperation and sadness.
The front clam is coming off and it is all coming apart to replace the dreaded fan resistor.

As all these things start, we will start with good news, Dave at Seriously Lotus quickly supplied the parts required, well that has blown excuse number 1 for not getting on with this.

moving on quickly to excuse number 2, I took the car to have the AC degassed, sounds simple and you’d expect in usual Lotus fashion for this to go terribly wrong, but no, “what” I hear you say, yep, side scoop removed pipes connected with no problems, to our surprise it appears to have pressure!
So the evacuation starts, surely it must go wrong now, nope, the expected R134a level is apparently 550g and they manage to remove 400g.

So the end of the day 1 saga is done and nothing has gone wrong, surely this cannot continue it is a 16 year old Exige!

Soon to return with the next exciting episode, maybe with pictures :crazy: