Failed MOT today

First MOT today and surprise surprise it failed .
However the following is what it failed on.

  1. The letters on the number plate are not the same thickness along their entire length( this is down to the use of a none standard font), also no mention of the fact that the front plate is half the size it should be.

  2. Windscreen sticker (Lotus motor sport type) encroaches more than 40mm in swept area.

Quick fix for both items though, stuck the old plates back on, and fitted a smaller wiper so that it was clear of the sticker

Also speaking with my brother who’s an MOT tester, it turns out the Exige does not appear in the VOSA hand book, this lists the limits for emission tests for most vehicles, therefore the Exige is not subject to such stringent limits that most cars, including the Elise have to conform too, which means, the Exige has just to pass some sort of basic emission test. If anyone’s interested I’ll get the limits the Exige has to meet and post them here.



Re- Emissions - please tell us more -


Hey Dave ya old see dog… how are you…

I CANNOT BELEEEVE you failed an MOT for the two things you failed on… and the fix for the 40mm swept area thing is absolutely outrageous… you just increased the risk of visibility problems but met the rules and therefore got thru’ to the next round… absolutely unferkin beeeleevvaable…

Reminds me of a few years ago when my M3 failed for having only 1mm of tread across the outer 25% the other 75% had better than or equal to legal limit… he failed me… we argued about the rules and he pulled his DOT book out and interpreted the paragraph differently… we fell out… I went to another station and told the guy… he said put the spare on … doh !! so I did… it passed, then I put the original back on until the next month when I could afford some new tyres…

On th eemmission limits yeh yeh yeh posting that on this bbs would be great…

Are you going to KH this Saturdya?


I just re-read your post and i’m still laughing about the letters on your number plate not being a bloomin uniform thickness down their entire lenght… i’m still larfing… thats just rediculous… especially when you need ia flippin magnifying glass to read see them in th efirst place !!

you’ve brightened up my evening… well that and Celtic getin beat…

Hi Rox

Thought I might have the same problem with my nearside front tyre that you had, there’s no real tread left on the outer edge, and with KH hill on Saturday I didn’t really want to change it just to trash the new one, however it was only picked up as an advisory(me thinks they should really advised me to do more anti-clockwise ciruits, might even the wear a bit )

Will you be at KH on Sat, I see there’s only one other Exige down for it, I presume that’s Uldis? I just hope the snow clears in time, and yes I’m serious

As for the emission limits, should be able to post them by the weekend.



I’m booked in for Saturday but am 100% sure the SR3 will not be well suited to snow. I’ll try head up anyhow.

BTW, good news about the emissions “loophole”.

Hi Ally

We’ll send you out in the Radical first, with your car sitting so low I’m sure it could do a good impression of a snow plough


I have to say I have had a good giggle at this as well, I am amazed you failed on what you did. Its ridiculous.

I had similar issues with getting a recent MOT for the Viper. It failed initialy on headlight arrangement, then a 2nd station failed it for indicator/side lights being reused for each others function.

I then took it to an MOT testing station I have used in the past in cambrige, who specialises in Classic Cars.

Passed immediately.

The variability on MOT testing stations is amazing!
Find a MOT station full of car fanatics and its a lot easier !



If i get a pass out on Sat I will be along… (I have to make some brownie points up at the mo’)

I agree with Dave


What is the spec of your car?

190 or 177, with or without ECU recall work? - presumably you put back cat if you had replacement pipe.

Seems like good news given that we all will be faced with first MOT’s shortly, if not already


Hi David

The cars a standard 177, without the ECU recall work having be done, and yes I had to put the cat back on, and todays job is taking it back off


Hi David

The cars a standard 177, without the ECU recall work having be done, and yes I had to put the cat back on, and todays job is taking it back off