Well, what can I say, that was certainly an emotional race, and a befitting end to a fab season…

Next year is gonna be interesting though, and certainly different; Schumacher at Ferrari and a Fin in a Mclaren is all I�ve ever known, but the future does look bright, especially looking to Massa who�s a great character and certainly a fine driver, in fact, of late, I�ve rather warmed to him .

So, with Schumi off to become a farmer and a new season 5 months away, it begs the question, what the hell am I going to with my weekends…


easy more trackdays :slight_smile:

Loved Kimi’s comment when asked why he had not watched MS get a trophy

I think the ones to watch next year will be Red Bull and Honda and obviously the red cars. If I were Alonso I would be worried about McLaren’s performance although I rate him above Kimi. Will be nice to see 4 brits on the grid next year too.

Loved Kimi’s comment when asked why he had not watched MS get a trophy

Who said he had no sense of humour? He was clearly grinning widely as Brundle walked off

I have never been a Kimi fan, mainly due to his lack of personality (what you see anyway) but he totally redeemd himself in my eyes yesterday with 5 simple words…

I was taking a [censored]!!

Kimi, your the man… just hope he keeps it up and he will have my full backing

me too Jamie… i thought Alonso would have had a better chance of 3 in a row by staying with Renault… but who knows maybe he will take McLaren to 5 in a row before retiring

Also I reckon the BMW will be pretty good next year and rate Kubica. However my money is on Ferrari to run away with it next year if they can keep the work ethic and direction that Todt & Co have set-up.

Just incase you missed the Kimi Interview.

Kimi & Brundle


I am pretty amazed that this has made it onto YouTube so quickly and by so many different posters… bleedin funny.

Love Martins comeback too