F1 travesty

Watching the Quali as I speak, and the new Variante Alta is a bloody travesty, that corner was one of the most thrilling parts of such a special track, and now it�s, well, ordinary.

On the plus side though, the race is looking good for tomorrow, and it�s nice to see no engine pens as well .

The Italians love their F1, and the Imola grand prix is always a special race; in 2001 I was sitting in a caf� on the edge of lake Garda with my Italian uncle watching the race, and I don�t know if you remember, but Schumacher retired, whilst Coulthard finished 2nd, I (rather sensibly) was sitting there with my DC hat on, never did get that tiramisu�


Shame that they spend so much time burning off fuel…

It would be better if they had to do a series of doughnuts and get points for the patterns, rather like figure skaters!!

lol now there’s a thought.

The cynical side of me sees the 20 minutes run around as an attempt to let the crowds see more of the cars on the saturday, thereby putting more fans on the circuit and more money in Bernie’s pocket.