F1 : Drive to survive

If there is a better programme out there I am yet to see it.

I haven’t followed f1 for a couple of years but season 6 so far is truly excellent.

Are you watching it?

I’m a pretty hardcore ferrari f1 fan and love them, the behind the scenes stuff is best.

I think S6 is the worst of the lot though so far, although I think part of that is down to less storylines in 2023.

I am finding it a lot more accessible in terms of people aren’t as guarded. They know it’s going to be 6mo + when it will be shown.

Yeah true, seem to be more of a laugh than as serious as what I first expected it to be.

Imagine this being done in the Bernie era, no chance.

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I can recommend the podcast F1 Chequered Flag.
Start it from episodes from this year. They’ve had access to Mercedes and Williams over Christmas upto the car launch.

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That was superb! I cant believe how much better you can see the speed of the car with a drone following


They should use them for races (H&S might not approve).

I never knew drone’s could be so fast :astonished:

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Never watched Drive to Survive,not one single frame. Kept meaning to tune in but . . . an now it’s Season 6. I’ll never catch up so I’ll just have to take everybody’s word for its quality.

Its worth the sit down and watch Thommo. Probably my favourite thing about F1!

Plus you can dip onto season 6 and go backwards. You already know the plotline …

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