F.A.O. Phil GT. Air intake Thread

Hi Phil
After reading your air intake thread I assume you have got another exige? can’t say as I blame you.
Your old motor is running a treat after changing to Magnecours and adjusting the the throttle,I have also got a private plate so no good looking out for W401 YAL. I still haven’t done a thousand miles since buying the beast off you, can’t wait for the sun to shine and maybe let it see a track for the first time. Hope you are well, please keep in touch.
All the best

Steve - The thread was a year old !

Steve - The thread was a year old !

errmmmm Phil… i think the thread is only two days old… …

One of the two of us has had too much sherry…

It’s you Rox!, the thread really was a year old!

Sooo, what ya drinkin’?

too much sherry… maybe i just travel much faster than you guys… only seems a matter of hours ago I contributed to it

na Rox…you don’t have to explain…if we were living in a cave…

Thanks for spotting that chaps, only been on here a few months, i’m used to threads filling the screens within minutes(ex elise owner).To see a thread at the top of the page I just assumed it was new, did’nt even think of checking the date.Anyway many thanks for pointing it out, started to think Phil GT was ignoring me!!