F.A.O.Pesky (sunstrip)

Just like to thank pesky for offering to return my cheque (for a sunstrip)after seeing that I had sold my exige,although I had already told the new owner I would forward the sunstrip on if it hadn’t arrived before he picks the car up. I will still be keeping a close eye on this forum as my love for the exige still remains high. Many thanks also Pesky for that advice on the 135R headgasket situation, I was not aware but I certainly am now!! I’m sure you will be gaining a new member soon, as the guy who is buying my car has already said what a good forum this is. I won’t name him just incase he would rather stay annonimous(not sure if I spelt that correct). Anyway thanks again Pesky and to everyone else that has given me advice etc. in the past.

later dude… and all the best with your future motoring adventures

Steve, Andy & SimonE - your sunstrips posted today

Benja & 6970, I need your addresses - ta.

Mr Pesk - do you have a ‘free’ one I could bung on my car for the season?


Cheeky git - but of course you can

Drop me a line with your address. You will probably require a deeper one than normal, like mine - ie size for shortarses

Pesky (Registered Charity No:F00KU2)

Can I have one too, please.


I’ve mailed you offline.

Cheers Pesky, The chap that is buying my car is picking it up tonight (Weds.) so with any luck I may find it on my doorstep when I get home. By the way i’m picking up a brand new 135R (saffron yellow) on Sat. They have knocked 4G off the original price due to the fact of the new models being released.
Once again thanks.

Thanks Guys - Would be nice it has been delivered to you today Steve!!
See you tonight…

Cheers Rob, the lil’ monster can now go out fully clothed Mrs E reckons one would look nice on her Nissan

I received the sunstrip yesterday Pesky, just in time to hand it over to Warren (and my exige ) I wondered if anyone had ever just put the www.exige.com sticker on without the black background? thought it might look good?
Anyway Warren now has my car, so i’m looking forward to seeing some photos with the sunstrip in place. Any chance you could get some done with 135R and the motorsport logo on!! (sorry wrong website!)
All the best

Ive got a note that there is a package at the local sorting office - so I can pick it up on Saturday - I guess thats the sunstrip Thanks Rob

Either that, or your monthly delivery from Ann Summers

Thanks Rob, arrived in plain brown wrapper.
Might be a stupid question but…
Sunstrip on inside of windscreen and decal on outside - both on inside or both outside??

Hi Rob
Were do i send cheque and for how much?

Well I’ve just seen a very fetching Exiges.com sun visor on a laser blue Exige heading towards Tadley (Hants).

It’s made me want to go and drive mine!



Both go on outside - remove the backing to reveal the sticky side

Steve (6970)

I’ve emailed you with details.


Both go on outside - remove the backing to reveal the sticky side

Oh, It’s got a backing strip…
I wondered why I could’nt see through it!

Oh, It’s got a backing strip…
I wondered why I could’nt see through it!

Tone, it’s not see through at all, even when the backing is removed. It is intended to work as a sunstrip, cos we’ve not got visors in the car.

Piccie of my car Here