F.A.O. Pesky (again)

Hi pesky, I will be forwarding you a cheque tomorrow (Thursday)for the windscreen sun strip, sorry for the delay but only just prised the cheque book from the wifes handbag!! Now what did I do with that cream for bruises.


No probs - saw the supplier today & ordered yours & AndyD’s - will hopefully be able to send them out to you both on Saturday 10th April.

Good time of year to fit. I had problems with mine when there’s not enough heat to really get it to stick. If you don’t have a few hot days before going on a rainy run, I’d advise a good going over with a hair dryer.

They make the car though, IMHO.


Rob still after one


Good job I ordered 3 then

Please drop me a line with your address.

Cheers Rob, will send from ‘work’ tomorrow…

shame you did not order four - I would have had one…let me know if you ever get any more.


I’ve just increased the order to five - so you’re in luck!

I’ve mailed you offline too.

Another sold then if i’m not too late


Sorry for the delay - have mailed you offline.