Hi Warren, If you are reading this then I take it you still have my old exige. Just wondering how you and of course the car are getting on. Did you ever fit the sunstrip? as I never ever received any pictures. Would love to catch up one day and see my old baby. The 135R is going well, only covered 4500 miles since April, fitted a Janspeed + CRP, and this weekend a carbon Hurricane. Looking forward to the better weather and hopefully a few track days. Look forward to a reply.


You should have popped over to Bedford Autodrome as there were around 60-70 Lotus’s and 80 cars in total there yesterday.

SteveN - Hi mate
Still about - With your old Exige…

Not been around here too much recently, work taking up more and more of my precious time…!!!
Good to see your message
The car is well… Popped up to Scotland in Aug. Down to the New Forest over the weekend - Been meaning to post some piccies… Covered 4k miles, all trouble free (so far!)
I have managed to mislay the Sunstrip… Went out to fit it one Saturday couldnt find it. Not sure what I have done with it…
I’ll drop you a PM / email…