F.A.O. Ellomoto

Just wondering how my old baby is getting on. I e-mailed you the other night but had no reply, wondered whether you had changed address after your house move.
Hope the exige is going as well as ever, and have you yet fitted that sunstrip? i’m still awaiting the pics.
all the best

Again sorry for not responding…Had big email probs
Your Old Baby is well, will post over some photos on Sat. Sunstip included…
If NTL turn up and connect my BBand…
Covered 1500 miles so far, no regrets, want to keep for good - or until the day I can’t get in or out !
I will have to take the plunge to a track day soon, my current insurance does not cover me so just becomes a little more expensive?

Cant belive what they’ve done to your car…
Have dropped you a mail.

Speak Soon