Hi Dan
are you still with the exige or have you now parted company for that TVR?

Hi Steve,

Decided against a Cerb and took a TVR T350C for a spin a few weeks ago. Awesome straight line speed. However I have since decided not to get a TVR.

I really do now need to sell the Exige, as I have recently started a new part time business and could do with the extra money.

Its just had a B Service, brake fluid, new track rod ends and a geometry set up at Sinclaires. Very impressed with them.

DanD What spec is the exige I may be very interested.

its the 177bhp, black leather seats. totally standard, in Nautilus Blue. no aircon.

9500 miles on the clock, 6k of which are by me in the last 6 months. unfortunately not tracked by me yet.

just had new rear tyres A039’s etc.

Whereabout in Essex are you?

Hi Dan
Does that mean you are not going to have a sports car for a while, or will you buy something a bit cheaper so as to put some cash back in your pocket?

Your insurance is high !!!

DanD sorry for the delay in reply, im in chelmsford, what are you asking for the car?

Danno YHM