Extended Warranty

Just taken this off the 340r site:"Just to let you fellow owners know.I have discovered that Lotus are offering a “Lotus Approved” warrantyextension via Lotus dealers.The small print seems OK to me (it includes roadside assistance etc)and can be renewed for a further twelve months before expiry.This would allow owners to extend their warranties for up to 3 years.The warranty can be transferred to a new owner for 19 UKP making itpossible to sell the car “with 12 months warranty left”.The cost for a 340R is 575 UKP for a 12 month extension.Track use is an extra 50 UKP and yes Lotus approved modifications (eg190 upgrade) are covered.As an owner without major problems so far, I feel that this is abetter option for me than trying to sue Lotus for an extendedwarranty.I would urge other owners to consider taking up this warranty beforethe new car warranty expires.A single engine or gearbox fault and the warranty would pay foritself (don’t forget these are highly stressed cars).Owner should contact their dealers for further details if they areinterested.RegardsPeter Crook"Does anyone know of a similar thing for Exiges?David - do I remember rightly that you said that you had a 2 year warranty rather than the standard 12 months?

I have the std. Lotus 1 yr warranty, and have taken out HR Owen’s extended warranty to 3 yrs. I need to dig out the paperwork, as it was a bit of a blur when I signed for it (I know… I’m crap).All warranties are a bet, you’re betting down �500 that there will be more than �500 of repairs needed in the policy period. You “win” when your car does need that amount of work…

I enquired about extended the warranty on my Elise with Storm if Leicester, they quoted me �650 plus I had to have a service. As you can imagine I did not take them up on their kind offer ;-)But if this �575 price is true and I do not have to take out a service, I might well take it up, if it includes roadside assistance.I have got to have a new gearbox which is being replaced under warranty so extended the warranty is getting more and more appealing.But I think having to have a service before taking the extended warranty is a complete rip off. If the car has being maintained to the service schedule which it has, the car should be fine.I think I might just try London Lotus Centre and see what the say, they seem to be a much better dealer.

davidI assume that your extended warranty will be null and void witht he supercharger…is it transferable…if so how much do you want for it?

quote:Originally posted by stevegreen:davidI assume that your extended warranty will be null and void witht he supercharger…is it transferable…if so how much do you want for it?That’s a very good question Steve, I’d forgotten all about it !Let me find out and I’ll get back to you.

I don’t know…some people have money burning holes in their pockets…

quote:Originally posted by stevegreen:I don’t know…some people have money burning holes in their pockets…Yeah, I’ve taken up being a Financial Advisor [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image]

Ummmm… If its a Warranty Holdings one, you have to have the car serviced by the dealer too. If you do the amount of miles I do, its more cost effective to stuff the warranty and get it serviced independantly. Bri

Just for info. folks - I was offered an extended warranty today as mine is nearly out. I read the guff, and it sounds ok. Stuff not covered :- Usual wear tear items (clutch etc.)ElectricalValve train failure if caused by carboned-up valves.Available for Exige, Elise & Elan for max 60k miles/ 5 years old at inception of policy.12 months - �525 + vat24 " - �882 + vat36 months - 1228 + vatConsidering the work I have just had done (see other thread), I am considering it.Any comments?

Sounds expensive to me. Was offered one recently out of car magazine. Can’t remember the name but it came out around �380 ish. Warranty Holdings were the underwriters (Aren’t they always!)Be very careful though, everything is covered (within reason)but I had the same policy with a Subaru STiV5 import, supplied new by Park Lane. They tried EVERYTHING to get out of paying for a blown engine (�6k!) - can you blame them? Agreed to pay at the 11th hour pending a very stiff letter threatening court action. Had MAJOR aggro. Bear in mind this was for a perfectly legitimate claim. e-mail me direct if you need the full horror story.I would have another warranty with them, but trawl the small print first and adhere religously to the service intervals and tell them of ANY mods.Have FunPhil GTp.s. The Lotus extended warranty is exactly the same, but a different brochure!

Wouldn’t touch Warranty Holdings with a barge pole. Some of the excuses they’ve given for not paying out beggars belief.I don’t think �1300 for 3 yrs is that bad to be honest.

I bought a 3 year extension last year (as my warranty was up in August). Seems a damn good idea condidering the cost of anything major going wrong. Make sure you pay the extra �50 for any Track use though.However… you have to always be serviced by Lotus approved centres throughout the course of the warranty.Tim