Exiled Exige Returns

My Exige is finally home after 5 weeks in France. Looks unscathed. Just need to trace the breakdown problem and hope for a few sunny days out before winter.
I discovered the car was on its way to me thanks to a phone call from the delivery driver at luchtime yesterday and I was told would be on the drive at around 8 pm!
This was despite my having told the European breakdown company ALPS on Monday (and several times before that ) that I would need a couple of days’ notice.
It would have been helpful to have been told that the car was on its way.
I just can’t believe the lack of communication. I asked: “What would have happened if I had been away/out of the country? Would the car just have been left on the drive with keys through the letterbox?”
Satisfactory answer came there none although I have received an apology.
And they are now under pressure to trailer it to Ollie at Phoenix Motorsport.


Great news! Glad it’s back, I’d have been a nervous wreck for 5 weeks…

A good result from a bad situation.

Hope it’s a dead easy cheap fix.

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Thanks, fellas. I was remarkably relaxed about it. Even Mrs Thommo was more anxious than I was


Update: low loader scheduled to collect early tomorrow (Tues) for delivery to Phoenix. :crossed_fingers:


On re-reading my first post, I was perhaps a bit unfair to ALPS. The non-communication problem stemmed from the French sub-contractors who delivered the car to the UK. The UK staff have been unfailingly helpful.

Any progress from Phoenix @thommo ?

Bit early to tell but expecting update tomorrow :frowning:

Sorry, Andy, should have added:”Thanks for asking”

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Fingers crossed nothing major :+1:t2::crossed_fingers:

Fingers crossed Ollie puts it in for a colour change :crazy_face::wink:

That’s the least of my worries!


Well, first indications were of a fuelling problem. Then Ollie tested compression, result: no compression on two cylinders. Not stripped down as yet but getting pricing for full rebuild.Not clear as yet what the problem is as Ollie is snowed under. But, given the mileage, it seems sensible to go for full rebuild. Can’t complain as I have had 17 years of trouble-free fun at home and abroad (including trips to Corsica and the Czech Republic) so the day of reckoning is approaching.
The spare VHPD might have to go to cover costs unless Mrs Thommo loosens the purse strings.
But it’s all up in the air at the moment


I guess that was unexpected. Curious what has gone wrong to cause two-cylinder compression drop.

Crikey that’s extreme, and unfortunate.

Keep us up to date on the rebuild, even if it’s second hand info from Ollie :slight_smile:

Good heavens! That must’ve been a shock! :open_mouth: A nice rebuild is always a wonderful thing though (although not so much in a financial way, ahem…)

Tough news mate, hope it’s a swift return to the road in the Spring.

Thanks folks👍

Best with it Thommo, as you mention given use/fun over years I guess it was allowed one “moment” I hope not to significant a one cost wise. Look forward to seeing it back in action.

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I told the officer not to be stupid. Our dogs don’t own bikes!

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