Exiges Trackday 29th April @ Donington

Please would those peeps who’ve not booked yet, let me know that they will be attending? So far, we’ve got 30 odd booked, so it’s going to be a great day - fingers crossed that the sun will shine too

Booked by phone with credit card for deposit - haven’t had ay confirmation yet - should I have?

Don’t worry, Bri - you’re on the list - thanks

Mr Pesky

Have you got a list of people that have signed up(assuming you probably have) could you post it please

hehe, that could be litigious with people planning on phoning in sick that day

Well it is a Saturday, so it should be okay! Will post up a list of attendees in due course.

It’s about time the “stragglers” got booked on too - yes, that means you Mr Admin, amongst a few others

Straggler ? That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me… sniffle

I MUST get those wheel bearings sorted out… bah.

How do I book this said trackday, is it special invite only

Full details on thread called Exiges.com @ Don…

Guys n Gals,

It would be excellent if we could make this day an all Exige affair.

However, if the TDO does not feel comfortable that they are going to at least break even, then I am sure that by a certain date in the future, they will open it up, for commercial reasons, to everyone.

This is why Dad is trying to get people to stump up asap - imagine the shame of being passed by a superior driver in a pile of crap whilst in your beloved Exige. It is not a pleasant feeling, Pesky can assure you.

So in short, get your ass in gear and book the event!



why don’t you post a list of the people that are going then we know who to put pressure on