Exiges Summer Meet at Caffeine and Machine

Hello everyone,

It’s time to set a date for the proposed meet up; this will be Sunday 1st August.

Venue will be Caffeine & Machine, Houndshill House, Banbury Road, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 7NS.

There are three separate ticket times so it’s up to you if you’d like to purchase all three to be there all day or whichever works best for you.

Booking link is below :

This is not an exclusive ticket event; I’m afraid I cannot guarantee everyone getting a ticket and there is no way of finding out how many tickets are left for sale so it’s first come first served. Hopefully we can get everyone there and the weather will be kind. I hope there will be more than five tickets available :laughing:

Please keep this to the Exiges forum for the time being.

Please list your name below with the car you’ll be coming in.

Done , bought the first two slots of the day, but not the 3rd one as I’ll be heading back to Cheshire

Will be taking S2 Cup 260 with chavy stickers

Mr P80: No clue how you managed to book two tickets, I’ve just tried and only one ends up in the basket. Will have to ring them tomorrow.

Just booked the lunch and afternoon slots, just did two separate transactions thommo

Yep you have to do it twice, it won’t let you add more than one slot at a time!

Oh and if you don’t fill in the optional fields your ticket will say you are a female born on news years day 1970, which is great I guess?!?

There may be a lot of 50 year old ladies at this event :thinking::smile:

I’ll pop a wig in the boot in case they want me to match the ticket

Tickets booked. 12:30 - 15:30. Need her good lady to check with work if we can get an earlier slot as well.

Well done Rob for sorting this :thumbup:

Really looking forward to this.

Thanks, fellas. I’m occasionally hopeless with things like this.
Here goes . . .

Right, booked in:

Thommo Exige S1. Reg: X1GEJ

All booked for us, 12.30-3.30 slot

Will be along in our Aspen S2. Looking forward to it :blush:

Paid 12:30-15:30. EX51 GEE (yellow)

Booked the lunch slot, looking forward to seeing everyone. :thumbup:

Also booked for the lunch slot. Looking forward to it :+1:t3:

Booked for the lunch slot. Looking forward to it.
(Lee-S2 Exige Sprint)

Booked - 0900-1200 currently :+1:

Will be nice to meet some more of you

Can someone educate me on this venue? Why is it a tenner to get in? Or rather £30 for the day?

It’s a cafe, setup to be a motoring mecca with a bit of a hipster slant (COVID-19 not a risk, they are already on COVID-22, cos you haven’t heard of it yet type of place).
It sort of got more popular than planned, and became and day in day out Cars n Coffee meet, then the locals got pissed off so it had to become ticketed to control numbers.
It will be filled with people showing off cool cars, reasonable coffees and a chance to catch up with petrol nerds. If you’ve ever done cars n coffee in the States, it’s the closest to capturing that feel.
If any of that makes sense
Coffee is better than the usual chain crap too

I have been twice. It’s a great place to see such a varied collection of people’s pride and joys in a chilled out, well themed environment.
Check out the website to give you an idea.
As said, it is very popular, they have to limit numbers attending, as people were parking on the road = annoying the plod.