Exiges in Cheshire area

Hi - Just got an Exige S2 and I was wondering if there are any other Exige owners in the Cheshire/Manchester area.

yep. Me.

I have an S1 190. Living in Sale near manchester. How are you finding the S2 ?

Congrats Kan300!

Aren’t Loti wonderful!


Had my Exige S2 for a month now after trading in Caterham and done 1000 miles. Initial comments are: was a pain to run in but now is very fast and has great handling (did Don Palmer day last week and he commented that it was the best setup Exige he had driven and tyres still have plenty of thread left!). Only problems so far are that air conditioning packed in, I have had brakes re-bleed to try and improve pedal feel and passenger electric window would not fully close.

Good to hear Lotus haven’t lost their touch for handling…and reliability.


So, did bleeding the brakes improve it at all?