Exiges.com sunstrips

You asked for them, I sorted them out!


Ordered and received today.

Thanks Dan :+1:

Just opened my sun strip to lay it out over the next couple of days.

Noticed at the end of the strip, it says S1… now im wondering if I’ve ordered the wrong one🙄

Ooooops. I am sure @TitaniumDan can sort it out

Hi John. Yes on the product page right above the Add to Cart button there are selections for the Model (S1 and S2/S3) and colour. You did indeed order for S1 so that’s what I sent!

You will need to post the S1 strip back to me and re-order the correct one. I’ll get some S2 ones printed up ready.

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Cheers @TitaniumDan :+1:

With the image of a white S2 Exige on the landing page I just selected the colour option and didn’t see the drop down box for S1 or S2.

I will get it back in its packaging and returned.

Are you sure? It’s right next to the colour option. If you can see the colour option then there’s no reason why the model part shouldn’t be displayed.

Yes, see it now Dan. I was working, quickly picked up my personal phone, click, click, buy, back on my work laptop. My fault rushing it while working.

Will get the wrong one in the post over the next couple of days

Top work from @TitaniumDan getting the incorrectly ordered Exiges.com sun strip swapped over for me and supporting Exiges.com.


Absolutely superb both of you.

Thanks @TitaniumDan for sorting
@johnfishcurtis thanks for supporting!

Exiges.com are getting back on the map!

Looking good John!! Thanks for posting a photo!

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