Exiges at Donnington


There are other threads on this bbs on this subject. The new car has 190 bhp (as have most S1s), but it’s some 90kgs heavier. There are other factors too - trim/equipment, which do not appeal. Most Exigers here are “hardcore” & do plenty of trackdays a year. For us there is no incentive to spend �10K to �15K to swap cars, even if we did prefer the looks of the S2. Personally I reckon the S2 will be a cracking road car, but it should have been branded an Elise Coupe (or Elise Extreme), cos an Exige it ain’t

The Exige is/was the road-going version of the Motorsport Elise. Last I checked there is no S2 Motorsport Elise, so there should be no S2 Exige at this time.

It’s bad when a company like Lotus that has fought to remain “on the edge” sells out and that is what they are doing with the new Elise Coupe.

I am wondering what is actually wrong with the new Exige? Nobody has said anything other than they don’t like the look of it- Reg

I don’t like the SOUND of it! - it doesn’t make any noise!



Personally I reckon the S2 will be a cracking road car

Did anybody see the 111R + S2 ‘Exige’ on Auto Mondial on Granada M&M Monday or Tuesday night?

Basically it was the first time I have seen the Exige being driven or reviewed!

I think Pesky is right. Has anybody noticed how high the thing is

The program basically said it what a better ‘car’ than the S1 which it probably is. BUT and a very big BUT

It is very biased towards road use hence how high it is!

It almost looked out of place on the track and hey how many sleeping police men have you seen around Donnington

I don’t like the SOUND of it! - it doesn’t make any noise!


I think that’ll be jap engineering in the engine department, I bet it sounds pretty good at 8.5k rpm

My old MR2 Supercharger didn’t make any noise until you were giving it some then apparently it sounded like a TIE fighter Good ol’ SC’s eh

Isn’t the ride 130mm? Only a couple of cm more?

Still not good that it’s higher!


My five penny worth.

The S1 Exige is designed for the track but can go on the road.
The S2 designed for the road but can go on the track.


I don’t like the SOUND of it! - it doesn’t make any noise!

I already have a car noisier than any Exige
As seen here

very stiff Nitrons (400/475)

Ah, a man with 400/475s. What they like on the road? Usable? Dangerous in the wet?

Cheers Mark.



They are stiff but probably as useable as the 325/400 Nitrons I had on the Elise beforehand (the larger wheels of the Exige help with the ride). It is still too stiff for everyday use (hence why I’ve now got a 2nd car). On a bumpy road they are too stiff as the car bounces around a bit too much (although if I was to get under it and turn the dampers down a bit that would help )

In the wet they are okay, but they work a lot better with the Yoko AO48’s than with the Pirelli’s. I also run different Geo to most.

Thanks Mark.


Yep on paper it is only slightly higher but on this review it looked like a beach buggy compared to the original

I think it might be also down to the lack of skirts / properly flared arches but it just looked un attached with the road!

I can remember seeing some piccys of the Edwards motor not long back from a track day and as they were braking the front and the flared bits just behind the front wheels were nearly digging into the tarmac.

Looked much more impressive