Exiges are more than cars!

I’m sure that there are many regulars on here who feel the same way as me.

Since buying my car in January 2001, I’ve met so many great people, & formed lots of friendships with like minded folks Obviously, this bbs has played a key role in making the “total” ownership experience so special, & the number of opportunities for socialising (not only at trackdays) is quite fantastic.

I was reminded just how much I owe to being an Exige owner yesterday. Some of you will recall that Roger (keyboard maestro of The Cure), used to own an Exige & was a regular poster on the bbs - when not on tour! To cut a long story short, Roger had met a few of us at Cadwell in May 2002, & he kindly invited myself & family to stay over at his place in Devon in the summer - which we did. Since then, we’ve kept in touch, & out of the blue a few weeks ago he told me, Russ & JohnO that the band were playing in Manchester on the 9th July, & that we (& 5 of our mates) were all invited as his guests. So, last night we enjoyed the gig from our “allocated” spot in the Pavillion.

But, the icing on the cake was Roger & his family then spending an hour chatting with us all, before he had to get back to his hotel for some kip - they’re playing in Dublin tonight. Guess what we talked about! Yep, it was cars, cars, cars - but mainly Exiges 1 & 2, & tales recalled from various trackdays & trips to Le Mans. Thanks again, Roger, you’re a top bloke

Anyway, sorry for prattling on, but I was just using this as an “out of the ordinary” example of what owning an Exige can do, but it really got me thinking about all the other great folk I’ve met since having the car - you know who you are, & you’re from all parts of the UK, from Scotland, the N West, Central, East & West Midlands, Yorkshire, & of course the South & S West

You bunch of lucky F?ckers

The Cure have been my number 1 band for about 20 years, and you lot get to go see them (missed getting a ticket ) and chat to them. …

Right, thats it, I’m selling the pile of sh?t.


You are, of course, as always… bang on…

I reckon most of us have met many great like minded souls thru’ elise/exige ownership and the power of the WWW… …

And even if I didn’t go to the concert, and am a mexijock, I feel the same.
(I’m sure I’m included in the Scottish reference)

Hope to see you soon up here.

Being one of the younger owners and not having appreciated The Cure in their hay day, I spent well over an hour in Docklands at Roger’s rather spendid pad (over looking the dome) talking about cars (well, mainly posh covers for an Exige, the reason for the visit) before working out that he had to be a pretty big musician to support his car habit.

But he’s just like one of us. Isn’t it amazing how a niche product can attract so many like minded people. I’m with Pesky, it’s much more than a car!


It’s life on wheels !!!

The trend continues in the US as well. I know many of the owners of the 13 cars brought here by Lotus USA.

It has also been nice to read the posts of you all on the BBS.

Couldnt put it better.As they say-“The car is the star”.

I can see how the Elise has such a following, and most of us guys also write post on Elise sites.
But for a car that was made 601 times only, I think this board is thriving. Besides, we are not only cyber-mates, but pretty much meet often.

It works, in a way that many other bbs’s would like to.

Also, I came to Exige ownership wen I was looking for a Noble
Good car, but they don’t really seem to mingle and drive. Only a few ever take them to racetracks, and not that often.
I also think that because they don’t communicate as much (have you seen Noble bbs’s recently?), they tend not to solve their problems. The car then becomes jewelry.

Exiges and Exiges.com. Accept no substitute.

You are absolutely right Rob.
Every now and then my car gives me an extra buzz
Spent the week end in Milton Keynes (but did’nt get to silverstone). Car behaved it’s self and those Milton Keynes roundabouts are great fun! Loads of young lads taking photos with their mobile phones etc etc
Driving back down M1 and M25, late last night, was playing with a blue Exige (XCV?) - had to stop playing cos partner was getting upitty. But it rounded the week end off nicely.

Absolutely Agree! Didn’t see you round Milton Keynes over weekend! Was at Silverstone on Friday. Tend to keep a look-out for other Exiges, only ever seen one (silver), about 6 weeks ago. Do you visit MK regularly?

New ali one might have been mine (Y reg)- my partners’ sister lives in Crownhill so we are there every two months or so.
Brother in law and myself spend most of our time playing with microlights and gliders at Sackville farm
Brother in law has one of those BMW ‘sport car’
thingies -I am trying to convert him but he likes his creature comforts!

Spot on there Mr Pesky I reckon - a finer bunch of fellow car enthusiasts it would be difficult to find

How was the concert