Exiges @ Anglesey 2019

So I thought I’d start a new thread with the confirmed event details and booking.

  • Date : Easter Sunday 21st April 2019

  • Circuit : Anglesey International GP

  • Price : £199

  • Passengers : FREE

  • 2nd Drivers : FREE

  • Garages : FREE (not allocated - there’s room for everyone

As an extra bonus, for the first 25 that book they also get a free space on an Activity Day at North Weald on Friday 27th Sept.

There’s no ‘list’ to be added to this time, so just click the link below. If you plan to attend then please get it booked as access to booking the event is not as gated as its has been in previous years so places may go quickly.

I know I say it every year but this really is the trackday of the year and if you only do one trackday next year then make it this one.

Book me on the 2019 exiges.com event at Anglesey

Hi Ben

Shouldn’t this be in the meets and trackday section?

Well done Benja btw.

Top job Ben

Booked and paid.

Do you know if there will be a noise check with LOT running day as I was thinking of using the Evora but it will deffo fail 105db?

Well done Ben. Great organisation.
I don’t think I’ll have a car for this year. The S4 Elan is too noisy and the S2 isn’t finished.

Come on Graeme you neeeeeed to come to Anglesey

Booked and Paid!

Brilliant news… Great work, Ben. Will be booking in asap.

Do they make those big enough for my tailpipes?

Use bananas…

We’re good for Ade/Steve in the Clio’s :thumbup:

No aero cars though so it’s a no sorry Chris (assuming you wanted to bring a Radical)

Please pm me if you’re planning on bringing something that is not normally LoT compatible.

Sorry for the delay, I’m not in the UK atm.

Where do people tend to stay? And if it’s a hotel will there be a group booking?

I don’t think anyone has ever had an issue with noise at Anglesey guys, that’s part of why we go to Anglesey.

There’s a mix of hotels but the biggest group tend to end up at the Premier Inn in Bangor (the one at Parc Menai). I’ve already booked there…

Cheers Ben, I’ll have a look :+1:

The Bull at Llangefni is popular too.

Booked and paid! Last year was great fun! If a little wet! :wink:

As soon as I’ve been paid I’ll book on as long as there’s spaces left :grin:

Sshhhsh, we don’t want to attract the riff-raff :open_mouth:

Guys could I just remind everyone :

Please please if you plan to attend then secure your place ASAP by booking a place.

There’s not the same controls over who can book this year, it’s not like I expect it to go viral but if you’re thinking of coming just get on and book it.