Exige Workshop Manual

I’m trying to get hold a workshop manual for the exige, but they seam to be on back order at lotus, which means I could be in for a long wait. Has anyone got an electronic version (PDF) of the workshop manual that they would be prepared to burn me if I posted a blank CD to them.Hope someone can help…Thanks

You can download: http://www.furiousgeorge.co.uk/elise/downloads/ Any probs, I could burn you a CDAndrew

Hi AndyD.I can resolve the IP address for furiousgeorges’s site but can’t seam to get to the actual site contents.If you could e-mail me your address ([email protected]) then I could send you a CD plus a return paid envelope if thats ok.GingerGaijinExige & Sport 350

Yeah me too, I can’t enter the site but need a manual bad. Can I download it from anywhere else?This site is my only contact with outside world (exige world that is) living, as I do, on the underside of ithttp://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/icons/icon6.gif (the world that is),Thanks.