Exige Wheels sizes and offsets

Hi Guys,

Could someone please let me know the size, width, offset and PCD for the standard Exige wheels please.

I know they are 16" on the front and 17" on the back. LOL. But unfortunatly I am at a loss for the rest of the information. I did do a quick search, but couldn’t come up with anything.

Thanx in advance.


No problem guys, I have managed to find the information.

If anyone else is interested:

Front:- 7 x 16 et 9.5
Rear:- 8.5 x 16 et 6.35


Ah, I think I found that in the service manual:

F: 7J x 16 ET7
R: 8.5 x 17 ET5

But that doesn’t have the PCD (which is the same as the Elise / MGF)… Is the ET the offset in inches or something???

Erm… I think Sean is talking aaabout the S2 and Mark about the S1… could it be?