Exige Wanted....

G’day all…
I’ve been looking around the market for a while now and long since was bitten with the Exige bug! Now in a position to purchase - at last…
I’ve kept my eye on this forum for a while and thought it was time to ‘come out of the closet’ as such!!!

We (Wife and I) are looking for a low mileage / Blue (ideally) / 190 with Sports seats. I have looked at a few examples over the past 6 months and have come to the conclusion that the S2 (hopefully) should not lower the re-sale values of the S1, and I can’t wait anyhow!

Wanted to make over to Donnington but got dragged to work…
SGT over in Taplow have an Azure Blue for sale - but they have been trying to get hold of / install an ECU for 2 weeks now? Possibly going over to see on Sat.
They state it has the 192 upgrade - but the pic shows a twin pipe? I was under the impression that the 192 upgrade included the sports exhaust (single oval?)

Is they any tips anyone here can share on purchasing an Exige…

I have looked at a couple of Private sales - but would want these to be inspected… - Are the AA anygood @ looking at these?? Or do I need an recognised Lotus guru?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Hope to meet up with some of y’all soon.


Ellomoto, a good trawl through the archives should tell you all you need to know before purchasing.
The oval exhaust is not part of the 190 upgrade.
I think the general opinion would be that the AA are not the best people to check an Exige over (with the odd exception who owns one!). Far better to post the details of any example you are serious about and no doubt somebody on here will point you in the best direction (or volunteer themselves)depending where the car is located. Always worth posting the details as quite a good chance somebody on here will know the cars history.
Great choice by the way though not sure about “blue”

That could be IPJs car. It had a head gasket failure that SGT stuffed up. That’s not necessary a bad thing if it’s fixed well. If you get it from a Lotus dealer and insist on a long warranty I think you’ll be as covered as the rest of us.

You driven one yet?

If you’re going to SGT you can’t be far from Basingstoke so you could come and meet some of us on 25th April.


I looked at that one also…never drove it as they (surprise) were looking/waiting for an ECU… the sales dude said it was something that happened once and a while, that the ECU got old and needed replacing(what?! bollox)… I also thought the Blue colour looked different in the flesh as opposed to the website

I have a mint condition very low mileage car, full 190 upgrade (including exhaust), mail me for the full spec if your interested. [email protected]

Thanks Ian…
Was IPJ’s Azure Blue?
They have not been back intouch to say the car is road worthy yet?
I may pop over to Bary Ely sports - he has 2 available.
There is also one listed on Lotus www. @ Storms of Leciester - Aque Matellic?? Not seen this colour before.
Also SteveN’s sounds really nice. May try visit over the weekend.
I have been trying to source an A/C car - knowing that there are some issues with the functionality. But suppose its not all that vital considering weight and so on…!

I have driven a few - once you get that far there is no goin back!
Basingstoke is just up the road

Ellomoto, if you look for any of “Phil’s” threads on Exige talk etc you will see “aqua” - quite a rare colour I beleive.

Hi Warren, you are more than welcome to come and try out my car whenever suits you, like I have said you won’t be dissapointed. My car does not have A/C but as i’m sure most on here will back me up it is not exactly the most reliable item that was fitted to the car ( just adds weight), by the way there were a few more extras I forgot to mention but if you come and take a look you will see for yourself, it is a stunning example.

Yep - only 5 i believe, we have 2 and i found another one in Japan

Just read your thread closer about the Storm at Leicester aqua car, I was there last weekend and the car does look good from here to there but take a closer look!! also they couldn’t even start it!! dont know to much more about the car but they are not exactly the best of dealers according to the elise boys, check out the elise BBS and you will see what I mean. Must admit though it is an awesome colour.

[quote]I looked at that one also…never drove it as they (surprise) were looking/waiting for an ECU… the sales dude said it was something that happened once and a while!!

When was this?
I have shown a good deal of interest and not been kept informed in any way? I’m not sure how long thet have had it or any history…? Pretty sure that it still not fixed, or they have lost my no.?

Hope to catch up with some of some of soon. On the track maybe- if I get the courage!!
Thanks to everyone that replied…

I much prefer Silver than Blue now!!

Pick up tomorrow eve

I looked at it around the 10th-12th last month…

“Yea…sorry…we are waiting for the ECU from lotus… They tend to break once and a while…but I’ll take your number as I’ve alot of interest in this car…blabla…”

…never to hear from them again