Exige Wanted

Im after an exige not really bothered what colour, around �18-20k, can anyone help??

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You’ll be lucky to find one at that price to be honest.

I’d question why the owner was trying to sell it so cheap.


What sort of prices should I be looking at then??
Are there many for sale? really want one! [color:“black”] [/color] [color:“black”] [/color] [color:“black”] [/color]

Main dealers are selling them for �25-27K depending on mileage.

There aren’t THAT many for sale, simply because there are only a few hundred of them in the world.

If you’re serious about finding one, look to pay around �22-23K from a private seller.

Keep your eye on Pistonheads :


Someone (In Edinburgh though) has just posted one for sale - 4000 miles, still under warranty, Titanium, sports seats and Sport exhaust for a very reasonable �22.5k…

You’ll struggle to find any at a lower price than that. Unless your willing to wait until summer is over.

Yep I reckon he bought it from Storm of Leicester approx 8 months ago - I tested it when I was looking for an Exige - was very nice then - sounds a good buy at the price, dealers would have it up for �26k with that spec and mileage .

I’m looking for an Exige at a dealer that I can go and window lick and possibly get a Test drive…struggling to find one though.

PaulMatty sold one the day before I was gonna go look

Nick Whale at Digbeth in Brum always has a couple in for sale - seem top chaps as well

Yeah I bought the car from Storm

Cheers for that Simon, just been on the site - they have two - one is �28k and the other �25k. They aren’t far from me as I’m just outside Brum…might go and have a look this weekend

And I’ve never seen an ‘Aqua’ Exige before, quite nice!

Yep Aqua is quite a rare colour for Exige - I like it!! - �28k seems a bit on the high side for an Exige - not complainin’ tho’! - test one you will def be hooked - sold 2 of the kids to buy mine …


Simon, I thought you’d sold the Horse as well R U going to the NYLOC meet this month?

Hi Peter good to hear from you - yep the horse has gone! - not sold tho’ only loaned! - will def be visitin’ the Buckles - becoming my local!! Usual meet and time?


Yep CU at 6.45 usual place…look forward to it.


Please remind me of the location. It is this Tuesday isn’t it? Ta muchly.

Hi Rob

Been up in the lakes this w.e. with the Exige - just got back - superb time and roads Buckles Inn is approx 5 miles W of York on A64 Tues night - gen arrive 1930hrs ish - about 1 mile after Little Chef (300 yds after McD’s on opp side of road) - be good to see you if you can make it


Thanks for the info Simon. Myself & the Russmeister are planning to venture “over them there hills” to see you & the rest of the Tyke Army

Rob, glad to hear your coming to Buckles, look forward to seeing you and Russ there. Has Russ had the conversion yet? ooh err missus etc…

Great, will be good to see you and Russ - will warn the border guards that friends are crossing from the other side

Yep Aqua is quite a rare colour for Exige - I like it!!

Somehow i missed this reference to Aqua