Exige Wanted - p/x for an Esprit S4

Hello,I am new to this bulletin board, but have been reading the entries for quite a while.I own a 1994 M-Reg Lotus Esprit S4 (in very rare Elan light metallic green) which I have meticulously maintained (and greatly enjoyed!). I now fancy a change, however, and am interested in an Exige.I am looking to buy an Exige 190 with full race harnesses, carbon air box, no a/c and sports exhaust as ideal minimum spec.If anyone fancies my Esprit S4 as a part exchange (valued at �18,500) then I can give further details and pics etc. Also, fantastic!! - as it will save me selling it afterwards and I’d rather see it go to a loving home!I have no preference over the colour of the Exige other than no chrome orange please - the other half has said she won’t get in one that colour (some people…?!).Cheers,Phil S(The Mole - 07799 416164)

Cripes! Your other half wont get in a Chrome Orange Exige but will get in a light green Esprit!!!

Admittedly, she isn’t keen in getting in ANY car with me driving fast, but “orange” would be the final straw…