Exige Vs Z4

I had to ask you guys this question.

I had a debate-argument at another forum about Z4. There is a guy who insists, no matter what, that a Z4 3.0 can be at least as fast as the Elises or the Exiges if not even faster. He stands his opinion based on the numbers given by this site
which says that both cars (Z4, Exige) do a similar lap of around 8’30". After about a 300 post argument he ends up making fun of all Lotus cars. No need to mention he is a BMW fanatic.

So what do you think???

Hey, we Exigers just love our cars and are glad that other people love theirs too.


So what do you think???

I think he’s on drugs!!!

Ok, I couldn’t quite leave it at that.

The S1 Exige is a great amazing car and the world should know (the S2 is pretty good as well ). So, a couple of facts:

Weight: S1 Exige 780kgs / Z4 1385kgs - Anybody serious about track work knows the importance of weight
Power/weight: S1 Exige 246bhp/ton / Z4 167bhp/ton - Now I know the Exige is down on torque but come on!

This is before we get on to special sticky tyres (of which the rears are the same size as the Z4) and real downforce.

The ‘ring has some long sections that most cars’ top speeds will pull time back on an Exige, but through the important bits, an Exige will be pure magic. At Hockenheim the std 3.0 Z4 isn’t under 1:18 (the Alpina version is about 0.5 quicker), the S1 Exige on the other hand is under 1:15!

I’m going to stop now, as I think I’ve made my point and before I turn this into a pointless dig. As I said above, I’m glad he loves his car.


Prior to having the Exige I had a BMW ZMCoupe (yup the ugly breadvan thang). Both the MCoupe and the Exige are both without doubt rapid vehicles but are so so different. For crossing continents and as an everyday fast roadcar, I would take the BMW everytime. For b-road blasts, trackdays and learning more about being a better driver the Exige wins hands down.

One faster than the other on track?? Depends on the track I suppose…I know who would be having more fun though which is what it is all about

BTW my BMW was fast but the one time I was out on track the brakes wilted after about one lap, it being kinda heavy see

Looking at those tracktimes, pretty much anything with more torque than an Exige (read, ANYTHING!) will be quicker around the nurburgring because it’s SUCH a fast circuit, the 10secs could have been all done at the top speed bits IYSWIM…

However Hockenheim (much more like any other circuit) there’s a massive 4 seconds difference. In any kind of racing terms that’s called “eated alive and then the remains raped” lol

So using that site as a comparision I’d say a Z4 wouldn’t stand a chance on any UK circuit.

I would be VERY interested to see a Z4 beat an Exige round the ring… not mentioning names BUT the last time we went (yes we ((well cars)) were on top gear SAD I know) there was not “one” car that managed to get round the track quicker - GT3 RS / CSL / GT3 / etc…etc… YES there are plenty that were quicker going up the hill when we top out at 130 and start to struggle BUT by the time the next corner came we were so far in front that it was a non contest. Needless to say these chaps know the ring and their cars fairly well… I merely state the facts…

As for z4 - well I had an M� SMG before the Exige and there is noway its quicker around any track (unless full of striaghts of course) if driven properly. I should probably also mention that a new Mits EVO driven by a good “known driver” did manage to stay in front of one of the Exiges BUT IT WAS EXTREMELY CLOSE and well matched…RANT OVER…

that doesn’t surprise me at all. Z4 is a cruiser but no track day car.