Exige vs Exige S

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I am debating whether the Exige S is worth the extra cash compared with a standard exige. I am looking to get an 07 plate. The figures show a difference of about 1 second to 60mph (from the top of my head, may be wrong!). I am going for test drives on Saturday and would appreciate any advice to help decide between the two beauties.

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You can taylor an Exige to you’re own taste…then have fun S-bating

The S is a better road car no question due to the additional torque, but there is nothing between them on track, due to the additional weight that the S carries.

Another plus for the S would be future upgrade path as there are easier options for getting more power than for the standard car.

Forget about 0-60 times - totally, totally, meaningless in the real world.

If you can afford an Exige S, get one. If you can’t, get an n/a Exige & still have mega fun.

i had both (currently on the S). i find the S much more fun.

just my 2 cents but i guess thats the point

needed to screw the n/a to really scare myself, with the S it seems less effort, as if the power is more evenly distributed across the rev range

p.s. not tracked either

Now there’s a controversial question!

I have an S and from what I have gathered there is not a lot of difference in performance that you would notice on the road.

The big difference is the way in which they deliver the power.
The S pulls from low down and delivers a steady surge of power - I can�t feel the second cam come in.

The N/A allegedly takes a little more effort to drive in that you need to keep an eye on the revs - when the second cam comes in, hold on tight!

a remap sorts out the sh1t standard Exige map

ask Evo if any S’s have passed him on track yet :slight_smile:

it all depends on ����

but I would buy an NA and spend 6k on it so its perfect than have a standard S

but then if you buy an S and can throw 6k at that then I would have the S

Ive got a n/a exige, yes the S has more torque and probably makes a easier road car, however…
Im one of the few people who like the cam change, its keeps me sane when pottering about (off cam) and yes you have to rev it to go but, I then switch to fun/mad mode (on cam).
I think it makes me more aware of how Im driving, If I had a S with its smooth and linear power delivery, I think I would end up driving a lot quicker without noticing.
Its very easy to get sucked into/carried away with the ‘more power & modification’ thing.
Save your money, get a N/A and personalise it a little and get it on track!

I had the same decision before I bought my S. For average track ability I think you will enjoy the S more (easier).

What I would say is buy the latest car you can afford. Lotus build quality seems to be improving year on year. I have had my car a year and it has seen quite a bit of track action plus lots of road miles and I’ve had no issues except a couple of MIL’s due to aftermarket induction system.

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If I was you I would be buying a nice 240R or Cup car if you are looking towards an S. the amount of kit you get with them is well worth it and they are rarer!

It’s a tough choice, and quite a few ���� difference.

I don’t think anyone would be unhappy with either car.

I don’t think you would find many S owners wanting to go to a non S though, as the day to day drive is easier.

On track I think a NA would be nice. My S has a lag on it so I can’t really tell atm!

I’ve seen some photos of NA and S Exiges together, and it seems that the S models are lower than NA ones (less ground clearance).

Are there any changes in suspension components between the 2?

I have an NA Exige which I absolutely love, but if I was buying again I would definitely go for an S (the S wasn’t out when I bought my car in 2005). I have driven an S a couple of times and the difference isn’t sufficient to make me want to spend a load of cash to trade up, but I do think the extra torque makes the S a significantly better road car. The NA Exige goes like stink on the second cam, but it can feel a bit flat lower in the rev range. The Lotus Sport remap improves things, but it remains a very peaky engine. The NA Exige is still a great car though and I doubt very much you would be disappointed with it if an S is too much of a stretch financially.


If you can afford it the S is the way to go, and for around �5k you can get around 280hp from either of the 2 options out there. For �1.5k you can get some better suspension which will work on either variant. The drive on the road is so much better for the S that is why i waited to get one. Either way you won’t be upset, but the need for more power or better suspension will then be what you are after next.

If I was buying again I’d get the N/A and spend the rest on mods. Or go S1 Honda!

If I were buying again I’d buy the best Cup type car you could afford over a 07 ‘S’.

That way you will get most/all of the desirable upgrades - Ohlins, AP’s, Accusump etc.

If you buy an 07 ‘S’ you will be soon chasing upgrades etc.

The Cup car will potentially depriciate less & somebody else will have already taken the big hit.

A �32000 Cup car will potentially still be worth �30000 in 12 months

A �35000 ‘S’ will be worth �30000 or less in 12 months based on current values.

IMO of course