Exige/VHPD in 20 years +++

I was planning to sell my VHPD� But �. When you consider what you will get for selling it, I�m really in doubt if it�s worth selling�…

So� It looks like I will keep it myself� Why. You may ask� Well� even if the performance of the VHPD is not good enough… it still has its own great charm, and it�s the only engine an original S1 Exige is supposed to have� And let�s say in 20 years ++ , then it must be a lot nicer to have an up and running S1 Exige with a VHPD�

I don�t know… Maybe it�s just me, but I really think I will prefer the VHPD when we both are turning old and grey�.???

SO as long as you have where to place the VHPD in the meantime, it is just to turn the engine over once in a while, while changing the oil every second year I suppose ???, and you will have a great VHPD to put back in (20 years ++)…
I just guess a VHPD won�t be easy to find in 20-30 years time, if you can supply it yourself�.???

Hasn�t anyone been thinking the same???

Sounds romantic - but what about spares? Would turning it over every couple of years really preserve the engine, especially things like oil seals?

If your planning leaving it for 20 years just fill it right to the top with oil

Dont try running it mind