Exige tyres on wet surfaces?

hey guys, please can you S2 guys tell me how the exige handles on wet roads with the standard tyres. Thanks!

Like a greased cat wearing rollerskates on ice.

Actually, they’re a bit better than that.

there fine if you take care and/or know what your doing…

Pretty darn good actually (48s on S1) until the tread gets down to about 2mm, then it can get interesting!


Re S1 not S2 - I had A048’s on with only a couple of mils of tread. I drove it on salty greasy roads (sensibly not caning its ass off) and I was very surprised how good it was compared to my old 111s with manky dunlops on the back!

A048’s are pretty good, the grip is still there, they just can’t clear water is the biggest problem, in fact any tyres on them are tricky with standing water as there’s no weight to push through it all.

So as long as you avoid the puddles you’re generally OK

thanks for all the input guys! it just reminded me with all the rain we have had here today!

Oh and one little thing… When it’s been dry and then rains the roads tend to get really greasy before it’s all washed away…

It’s part of the reason I put my front end into a lmap post! The other part being my crap driving stiles

Also - I encountered a SEVERE ring twitching moment when I rounded a corner (“making progress!”)I have taken several times to find that although it was dry it was now covered in ‘natures ball bearings’ from a downpour which washed them across the full width of the road.

Only a finnish rally driver or divine intervention can help there!